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Lavender Chamomile Bar

Lavender Chamomile Bar

$ 12.00

Relax much? Of course you don't. We give so much of ourselves that we think that feeling tense and drained is normal.. well it's not. And since most of us aren't able to have personal spa days everyday why not take the spa home. Lavender and chamomile are the perfect combination to relax and unwind. 

Why is one dark and one light in color? Both contain the same main ingredients, but the darker bar was made with olive oil that was naturally infused with chamomile, while the other was made with non infused olive oil.


Ingredients: Saponified oils/butters of lavender and chamomile infused olive, palm, castor, coconut, and shea. Also contains lavender buds and chamomile. 


*** All bars are handmade in small batches. Allow for slight variation between batches ***

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