Scent Notes Directory

Wondering which product is bursting with your fave scent? Check out the scent notes here for our products.


Antikk - natural rose 

Berries in Champagne - bubbly champagne with a mix of tangy grapefruit, grapes and deep plum, with a hint of sweet strawberries

Bite Me - delish vanilla cake topped with sweet icing

Brownie - dark, rich, gourmet chocolate

Eucalyptus Sage - minty aroma topped off with a little sweet basil

Jungle Party - essential oils of sage, patchouli, and eucalyptus

Lavender Chamomile - lavender, chamomile, sweet orange, and cedarwood

Love Muffin - lemon zest, sugar cane, fluffy angel food cake, butter, nutty poppy seeds and vanilla

M.A.D.E. - hints of french lavender, and bergamot combined with amber patchouli, oakmoss, & sandalwood

Mermaid Land - tangerine, cotton candy, green apple, and coconut

Naked - unscented 

Smoke Lounge - juicy pear and aged brandy. 

Turmeric -  spiced turmeric