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L.O.T. Bar - without Orange Slice

L.O.T. Bar - without Orange Slice

$ 12.00

Has your skin been through some worrisome times through the past season? This soap is jammed pack with lemon, orange, and turmeric. All combined can be something like bullies for blemishes. While both the lemon and the orange help tone and brighten dull skin, the turmeric aids in the battle of the blemishes. Just remember that nothing happens overnight, so be consistent when using this bar in order to benefit from its natural powers.

This bar comes in 2 variations - with the dried orange slice or without. If one is not selected you will be sent the bar WITHOUT the orange slice.


Made with saponified oils of olive, palm, coconut, canola, castor, and shea. Also contains essential oils, dried ground lemon peel, dried ground orange peel, poppy seeds and ground turmeric.


*** All bars are handmade in small batches. Allow for slight variation between batches ***


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